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Our Board of Directors and Coaches are committed to our three priorities:

1. Ensure a Safe and Fun Environment

2. Excelling in Competition and Sportsmanship

3. Developing Future Leaders

Interested In Joining the Team?

President: Must be on the Executive Board/ 2 year Term (even year renewal)

Athletic Director: 2 year Term (odd year)

Cheer Director: 2 year Term (even year)

Field & Equipment: 2 year Term (odd year)

Compliance Secretary: 2 year Term (even year)

Registrar: 1 year Term

Concessions Coordinator: 1 year Term 

Volunteer Coordinator: 1 year Term 

Fundraising Coordinator: 1 year Term 


Auxiliary Board: Voted by the Executive Board

Asst. Athletic Director 

Asst. Cheer Director

Asst. Field Director 

Asst. Fundraising

Asst. Concessions

Asst. Volunteer 

Asst. Registrar 

Web Master

Head Coaches: Voted by the Executive Board

Volunteer Application Form

Give us a hand & start making a difference

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